“A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.” ALBERT EINSTEIN


EPT activities and services are based and developed on the parameters of EFFICACY and EFFICIENCY.
EPT services, training programs and consulting for the human resources development foster the development of individual and organizational performances, research of strategic and innovative organizational solutions, development of human resources and continuous improvement.
EPT aims to provide to its clients a new and effective system with the mental, structural and organizational tools to use training as a lever for personal and business development and growth.
EPT deliveries the follows services and products:

  • Audit, analysis and verification of training needs of personnel and management
  • Detection and analysis of competences
  • Design of business training plans
  • Initial and Final assessment of training participants
  • Assessment centers
  • Active classrooms for inter-company training
  • Direct delivery of training courses
  • Management and coordination of internal training processes
  • Coaching