Team Buildings

EPT organizes and implements Team Building programs tailored on the specific needs of the companies.
EPT offers on-site and off-site corporate team building workshops to help companies team improve teamwork, build trust and commitment for overall organizational success.

The dynamics to build a successful team are full of challenges that range from poor communication to the lack of focus on goals to individual conflicts. The EPT Team Building programs can help to overcome these challenges and to create high performing teams.

The Team Building programs, according to the specific companies’ requirements can be structured and match pre training sessions with the aim the transfer an adequate and relevant knowledge on specific topics. The EPT Team Building programs are designed to be fun, engaging and beneficial to all people who participate, offering a unique and new approach that stimulate and motivate participants to acquire full awareness of their potentials and to better express themselves and to develop their communication skill.

EPT offers highly effective team building events for all types of organizations – including small to medium sized companies, global corporations and non-profits. Our events promote collaboration, problem solving and creativity, and can be as fun or as serious as the client needs require.

The average duration of the Team Building programs is based on 2/3 full days’ program and aim to:

  •  Stimulate cooperative learning;
  •  Facilitate and accelerate the natural team building process;
  •  Convey useful messages and educational content to the team;
  •  Stimulate reflection on oneself and on the team;
  •  Stimulate behavioral development.

The main Team Building programs proposed focus on:

  •  Problem Solving and effective partnership relations development
  •  Fostering Internal communication within the team
  •  Fostering external communication toward the customers
  •  Effective management of interpersonal business relations