Personal Development

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”


EPT offers different new and innovative solutions for Building on skills and knowledge for maximum performance of individuals. The programs are aimed to workers, professionals, manager or simple individual that intend to update their skills or to acquire new knowledge and competences or for those ones that want to better understand which is their potential and how better to express and to use it.

The EPT services, consulting and training programs, aim to improve one’s self-awareness or ability embracing new thinking or ideas positively. Personal development training tends to include those subjects and help teaching areas where the need for improvement has often been identified and instigated by the individual themselves through the job role they perform demanding it. For those ones that still have not identified their personal needs, EPT offers to them a rich set of needs analysis and assessment tools that will support the individual to better understand its gaps, weakness, potentials and what is able to do and what is not able to do or to perform. EPT can advise which is then the best and more suitable training course to choose and to complete the personal development with personalized coaching and mentoring assistance, based on the specific needs and expectation of the individual. In this context, is very important to consider that a lot of people or professionals may possess the technical skills or know the sales or management theory but lack the self-confidence and assuredness to be all they can be, having the need to build higher levels of personal confidence and impact.