Proactive awareness training process

The training and learning process aims to convey a completely different and innovative methodology, which, in its experimental phase, has found greater confirmation and appreciation especially in some training contexts related to communication, management and application processes of business promotion and internationalization strategies.

In the PATP the learner becomes an actor of the training path, creating the conditions so that he/she can be considered as the protagonist of the course and not only as a recipient of the information contents. In this sense, the trainer will interface with the learners taking on the role of facilitator, motivating them not only to understand and acquire an intimate awareness of the topics covered but also to stimulate them to take a different role, projected to understand first and experiment then the interconnection between them and the subjects covered by the training and their close correlation with the other participants.

In general, a lesson in the classroom with learners will present different teaching moments: generally, there is a phase dedicated to explaining the topic of the day and then another one intended instead for a greater involvement of the participants, through the application of one of the different expected interactive methods. This learning process leads learners to feel and be responsible for organizing and managing their needs and training activities. A continuous self-directed education, based on the reciprocity of action between trainer and learner, where the learner is encouraged to intervene, expressing opinions, suggestions, explanatory hypotheses etc., such as the use of problem solving sections. Therefore, the proposed methodology focuses both on individual and group activities, aimed at facilitating the free expression of ideas, with the aim of making ideas emerge spontaneously without carrying out evaluation or criticism. The engaging character of this interactive method, its ability to make the learner the protagonist makes learning much easier and easier. This is an approach that aims to stimulate the descendant to acquire a greater awareness of ones own being, of ones abilities and even of ones own limits and then learn how to overcome them. The methodology in question wants substantially to facilitate that process aimed at changing or better structuring or better still modeling according to ones own will, the mental models of the individual when starts a learning path.